Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amazing Sunset

We were on our way home from school ( btw, I had a tough day...26 students with no a/c...go figure it out ) when I noticed the blue and red rays on the sky. At first I thought it was just the reflection of the mirror because of the black tinted window but then it doesnt go away. That's when we realized it was the rays of the sun setting..The way the dark clouds blocking the sun, it made the rays of the sun shine brightly in colors red and blue....

I've seen beautiful sunsets here on this island but this afternoon's sunset was by far the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.. I am sharing this to all of you, this is unedited, no photoshop or whatsoever edits/changes. These pictures were taken with just my phone..Enjoy it

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unedited Pictures...Enjoy it

Some of the pictures I took here were taken while we were driving around the island. The gloomy effect of the pictures were because i took it inside the tinted black car. I was surprised how the pictures turned out...